S.D. Mobile Diagnostics is the leader in the auto diagnostics in the Tulsa Metro.  We provide fast, accurate and on the spot diagnosing of your vehicle at your location.  Why take your vehicle to a place that specialize in selling you autoparts to have a diagnostic done.  You owe it to yourself, to know what is wrong with your car before they do, it could be costly if you don`t. 

Our company was founded in 2005, on a simple question, "Why Is This Light On?" and has grown to a business of providing a full service engine diagnostic  in which we can service our customers on the spot.  No more making appointments at the dealership or lost time from work just to have a diagnostic done.   
Rates start at $50, So Are you in the market for a used car, A diagnostic scan can reveal any hidden problems that may be a concern, So give us a call, @ 918-693-5809, and we will be at your location.
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Purchasing a used vehicle?  Having a thorough diagnostic inspection performed could save you time and money, and the potential of having serious problems later.  
We are ASE certified and bring the excellence and expertise to each and every job.  You can be assured that you will receive the very best using the latest technology to diagnose every vehicle right. 

Our Services include:
Computer Diagnostics- check engine light
Transmission Diagnostics
ABS Diagnostics
Battery, Starter and Charging System Test
Engine Diagnoses
No Start Diagnoses
Car Inspection for purchase
Vacuum Leak Detection
Electrical Issues Diagnoses
And many more:

Why spend extra money for repairs that are unnecessary, when it could be something as simple as a fuse. You owe it to yourself to have any vehicle diagnosed before maintenance or before purchase, and with a complete detailed analysis explaining the problem. We also work in conjunction with your mechanic. We document all diagnoses and can send the information directly to your mechanic. We are here to serve you and will come to you at any location, so stop driving around with that engine light on, it is time for you have it diagnosed.  Give Us A Call: 918-693-5809